The South Street Souvlaki

Serving Authentic Greek Cuisine est. 1976


Founded in 1976 by Tom Vasiliades, South Street Souvlaki has a rich history rooted in the vibrant heart of Philadelphia’s iconic South Street.

When founder Tom Vasiliades, opened the doors of South Street Souvlaki, the area was not like it is today. In fact, South Street Souvlaki was one of the first restaurants in the area!

Since then, South Street Souvlaki has dedicated staff serving the finest, award-winning Greek & Mediterranean dishes, which has earned the restaurant a reputation for quality, freshness, and authenticity.

Our unwavering commitment to preparing fresh food daily provided a memorable and predictable dining experience for our patrons for nearly half a century.

In 2019, a new chapter began in the restaurant’s history. Ismael Mercado, the proud new owner, acquired South Street Souvlaki, aiming to preserve the classic dishes and flavors that made our restaurant beloved. With a deep respect for the traditions established by Tom, Ismael kept the Greek soul of the restaurant alive.

Ismael has since enhanced our service and Mediterranean flavors, keeping quality at the forefront while adding his unique touch. Today, our restaurant represents a cultural fusion, celebrating Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. We invite you, whether a regular or a newcomer, to savor our unique flavors and warm hospitality, marking over four decades of tradition.